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March 10, 2009


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Here's hoping things stay manageable on the haunting front...shaking beds and floating faces may be a nuisance, but at least those activities are harmless (if you consider lost sleep harmless - as much as I love my sleep, I'm not sure I'd be so benevolent to the mustachioed man).


hey, you really scared the hair on my neck. and how cool is it that you told him "thats enough for one night!" . wow.

i found your 'burrowhouse' from some crafty site, and love the way you tell stories. but really..a ghost in your house...and you're not spooked? keep writing..


I'm loving your ghost stories! I hope the fact that you haven't updated this in a while means that Mr. Mustache hasn't been any trouble lately, but please keep writing about his antics- you're such a wonderful storyteller!


I'm glad that he was just lonely and needed you to talk to him. I used to have people stand at the end of my bed. Sometimes it does help to talk. :) I love both of your blogs, please keep writing.

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