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September 09, 2009


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can you come over and do that here?
it looks great!


oh how this appeals to me! makes me want to break out my coloring books and spread out on the floor in the waning afternoon light. we've got tomato cans full of our drawing implements, but i have yet to lasso them all together. they're spread here, there and everywhere, and i can never find the one with the colored pencils when i need it!


aw, we had that same set up for years. I always loved the way it looked all nice & neat in tidy rows and collections like that. Enjoy it. Doesn't last long. I had to add "organizing crayon caddy" to my list of stuff to do. Tried putting the kids on that task but it just isn't the same.


oh this just makes my heart do flip flops!!!


writing utensils are the bane of my existence. How many boxes of pencils/crayons/markers have gone the way of single socks aroungd here? Enjoy it, if your house is like mine, it won't last. Thanks for the small bit of hope...


I love it......How long will it stay that way? I spend forever bending over picking up textas from the floor. It looks gorgeous though :)

Meg Evans

I love it! Can I come over to your house to color?

I love the wooden crate--it's awesome! Right now I have multiple school years' worth of leftover coloring supplies in various plastic pencil boxes, bags and one old baby wipes container. And they're still not all contained.

But there is an old jelly jar full of sharpened pencils on the kitchen island just waiting for homework. Some things I have under control... *giggle*


What a great Idea! I have homework supplies hidden in a big tole painted coffee pot on the kitchen table.


my guess is not long. but it's awesome at the moment!


I love this idea--all those crayons and pencils arranged are so pretty. Now is it still around?


The girls sit at the dining table for HOURS drawing. And, believe it or not, it's still intact. So far.

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I always loved the way it looked all nice & neat in tidy rows and collections like that. Enjoy it. Doesn't last long.

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