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August 18, 2009


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It is funny eh how we have lost the art of letter writing....maybe that is why everyone loves blogs so much???? Or Twitter?? It puts that connection back? You know I keep all the cards my husband and I give each other - one day when we are old we can sit and revisit days gone by.....and I think that we will enjoy it then....and be pleased that we saved them....


Well hello there! So happy to see you back in this space. And with such a lovely idea no less. But what I really want to say is this: come. back.


i got that same link. ;)
and tomorrow, when i have some peace and quiet (!), i am doing it.

ps - the elder child went to sleep pretty easily tonight. thank god.


This is too fun. I'm writing this afternoon!

Meg Evans

I love this idea! I made one of Soulemama's gratitude wraps for my college roommate, and we've been writing notecards back and forth all year. It has been so fun. I have a few more college friends who have birthdays this month, so maybe I'll have to get to sewing!


I knew you two would like it! I lost an hour reading the letters...didn't you love them! I will take on your challenge. Part of the sweetness of the letters was how varied the notes and letters were. Some postcards, some scraps...!

The Flaming Maiden

Thank you for this. I did it, and ended up writing to about six people. It was lovely, and they have all written or called to thank me. So, I'm writing to thank you.


I have been doing this for several weeks now - at least one or two postcards a week. Makes ME feel good to do it! Even though there's email, Facebook, etc. getting some personal snail mail is just....special. :)

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