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July 05, 2009


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Yummy! Glad you posted this, I already had short ribs on my grocery list :)


do you need the pasta machine? it's in the laundry room, in a high up cabinet. take it if you want.

and thank you. scout loves you.


Good luck with the pasta....myself, I just call my mother in law and put in an order - she's good like that! (maple syrup on beans? I gotta try that)


That's my favorite way to have potatoes as well. Now I'm really wondering when will it stop raining?!?

heather jane

I have short ribs in the freezer and had no idea what to do with them. I'll give this a try soon. Sounds wonderful. I'm totally with you on the potato issue. Crispy=yummy.


Also a big fan of those potatoes. But, during the summer, we like to do them on the grill. Yummy! We have green beans fresh from this weekend's farmers market...maybe they would like to take a little soak in some maple syrup?

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