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May 21, 2009


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Sarah Jackson

aww. he looks like my Luna. I have to do that to her next week - I hope she takes it better!

he is a cutie patootie.


Lovin' the dog 'do. What's an extra patch of fur here and there? Poor thing. And I hope things get back into alignment for you and those around you, too.


Oh no! Maybe you should invest in some clippers :) No matter, he still looks like a sweetheart.


People can be so cruel...I bet you are rigth about that brush! Maybe medicate the sweet boy before you finish the job...or just let him be. (On other news.....the crafting has started, and I like what I see so far!)


I like the haircut too, sweet puppy!


oh my goodness. that is hilarious. kind of sad, but also totally hilarious. Poor scared thing. Oh, I'm so conflicted. :)


Poor puppy - he kind of looks like he has gone ten rounds with Wolverine - let's face it, who WOULDN"T want to do that!
Hope things settle down for you. I can totally relate. Life seems to be getting in the way of blogging right now......I am going to make a nice snuggly bed for Dave (my dog) and smooch down with him and be thankful that he has never had to experience any mistreatment. Give Syd a kiss from us Down Under xx


Aah, poor Syd. He still looks a cutie. I had a cat once who was the same - never could get a brush anywhere near him.x

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