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April 23, 2009


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dear lord.
bless her heart. she is so darn adorable. i see these pictures resurfacing in her teen years!
washable marker?

dani@little fists

This rules! My daughter did something similar when she painted her nails with a green magic marker...she was 2. It did not look so hot. But this...this takes the cake by far!


Oh yes, I am in touch with this. I can't count the number of times Lily (or Alex) has dome something like this. Ava loves to color all over her body :)


Yes it is!!! I hope that wasn't permanent marker!


awww. So. Sweeet.

its one of those moments.. when your head spilts into two people and one wants to laugh her head off and the other one wants to bite -her- head off.

thank goodness the laughing one lives in your head. my chilluns have done this too..


Oh, that last picture made me laugh! Such a sweet and sincere face!

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