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April 24, 2009


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You're a good mom! And that IS a funny story.


Tee hee, you are a great mom. I am quite certain he will be thrilled. Thank you by the way for your nice well-wishes to me for my race tomorrow. I am soooo nervous. I just have to get through it and then next week I am off to Vegas for 10 days. I can't wait. Apparently it is 27C there. I can't even remember what that feels like.


now i understand!
the things a mom will do. good for you :)


I love that story! You really are a great mom, and he sounds like a terrific kid.

Sarah Jackson

I'm late in commenting, but you are a seriously wonderful mother.

Paper Dolls for Boys

What a great mom - for laughing AND for fixing it for him.

What can't you do? Seriously!

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