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December 02, 2008


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Wow! Beautiful and very crafty!


Glad you're baaaaaackkkkk!!!!


I'm so glad you're seems like a long, long time you were gone!!!! I am so envious of your craft swaps!!!

Beth Menna

Man, sweet relief that you are back... I was freaking out there for a bit! What brilliant swap goodies. Gosh, you lot are just so inspiring.

What did I ever do before the internet?
By the way, check out the movie Australia by Baz Luhrman. I loved it. And FYI, Hugh Jackman now officially belongs to ME and me alone. He is so hot, that just sitting here thinking about him is giving me a funny turn....


Welcome back! I've missed your posts. You are zooper-crafty!


nice pics! i love my book mark and the book!!!
(and dude, when you comment with your typekey thing, i can't respond. fyi.)

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