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October 27, 2008


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Totally awesome package! I love nothing more that curling under blankets with a warm rice bag or water bottle and reading the night away!


sweet blanket.

hey - i seriously was thinking of making a cover for a hot water bottle just the other day! this one is so cute!


I've never even imagined a hottie before and now I'm almost obsessed! Excellent swap bounty.


I am so glad you like it! I love the lobster, he just makes me laugh and laugh. My hubby thought that no-one would be brave enough to wear it as a brooch but I just laughed and said wait and see!
Swapping with you was a delight. Thank you :)


Squash lessons?


that birdie is adorable!

the lobster reminds me of last night - we were walking down the street, trying to keep up with the kids while they begged neighbors for candy, and i saw a crawdad (sp?) crawling on the side of the road!!! my husband picked him up and returned him the canal which runs through our hood. poor little guy!

and yes, i did recognize the blanket. erin inspired me to make two of my own. it's probably time to get it out of the closet and cozy up.


Well, Lovely Caroline, you scored!


What a great surprise. We'd be fighting over it too - we've already had our first snow.


hopefully a little parcel from the uk should have arrived by now too...

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