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September 25, 2008


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When I was in third grade, we moved from the suburbs of Chicago to Iowa and into a grand old home high on a hill. Many years before our family pet, a beagle named Thaddeus, had been hit by a car and killed. Now I admit I wasn't particularly sad about the whole thing because Thaddeus and I had had a rather contentious relationship. I would pull his tail and he would bite me and we both got punished.
One night, not too long after we had moved into our new place, I woke up in the middle of the night. Sleeping at the foot of my bed was Thaddeus. I remember it clear as day. Now our pets had never been allowed to sleep with us so even in my drowsiness I knew this was not allowed and I tried to kick him off, saying out loud "Go back downstairs!"
My foot went right through the dog.
For whatever reason, I was completely unfazed by any of this and said, again, out loud,"I hope Dad doesn't catch you in here." And I fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up and told my father about it over breakfast. He looked at me like I was crazy and it was then I realized I had seen my first ghost.
For what it's worth, we live in an old adobe home in the heart of Old Town and I get weird vibes here all the time. Usually I just tell them to move on, but occasionally I smudge with sage just to make myself feel better.


I wish I hadn't read your post until the light of day. It's 6:05 am and dark as midnight and pouring down rain. The whole house is quiet and I really want to go downstairs for some coffee, but you've scared me! I'll probably be okay because my completely deaf, almost fourteen year old dog is down there - I'll bet he'll protect me.

No ghost stories here, but I can't wait to read what everyone else says!


whoa. that's crazy! I believe in it, for the most part. I believe it's possible. I believe that some things can't be explained. But I don't believe in anything really concretely. :)

My ghost story is this. In the first house Nate and I owned together, we had a cat. Every so often, when we would be upstairs in bed for the night or something, we would hear her meow from some other part of the house. Meow meow meow... Meow! But not in a way that we felt she was in danger, or trapped, or angry. Just... talkatively. And then, she would TEAR through the house, up the stairs from the basement, up the main stairs, and saunter into our room. This seemed like relatively strange cat behavior. Unexplainable. So I believe...that there was a ghost kitty in that house, that she played with. Because I believe that animals have that extra sense that humans don't always carry. And sometimes, I felt like I could feel that presense, too. Sometimes. I never saw anything specific, it was just a feeling. No proof, I know, and it could have just been odd catness going on with her. But you never do know, do you?

And that's what I have to say about that.


ooh! i still haven't posted my prizes yet. fear not, it will come one day, just when you least expect it.

oh, i have a couple of good ghost stories. will have to jot them down when not working!!


oh my gosh! i would freak out. a few weeks ago i was awoken by an irregular popping sound. i listened intently. pop pop...pop. my heart started beating faster, then my brain said, "there has to be a rational reason for the popping noise. what would nancy drew do?" yes, we read a lot of nancy. so i followed the noise to the kitchen, brave soul that i am. switched on the light, and discovered the pot of garbanzo beans sitting on the stove top, popping out of their too tight skins. pop..pop pop....pop. no ghost at all. just a pot of beans.

i have no ghost stories myself, but my husband spent his early years in a haunted house. the peacock house. perhaps the grandest home in their small town. the first night doors started slamming. a basketball bounced all by itself in the basement. the old crank windows in the girl's room opened and closed, opened and closed. my mother in law said to her husband, "i think this house is..."
"don't finish the sentence marian, or we are leaving right now," he replied.
so she kept her mouth shut. they lived in the house for several years, held an exorcism, and learned how to live with their unseen guests.
i can't wait to see more of your drawings! your house is gorgeous even if it does have a ghost :)


Mine's kinda long, sorry :)

When I was about 11, my cousin and I spent the night with my grandmother. We would stay up late playing video games, which meant we usually fell asleep on the couches in the living room. One night, something woke me up, making me feel like I should look out the back door window. So I did. There stood a little girl, with tightly curled hair, in an old fashioned white, lacy dress. It freaked me out, but I didn't want my cousin or my grandmother to think I was crazy, so I went back to the couch and never told anyone. About a year or so later, the same cousin and I were again, spending the night with my grandmother. Lots of video games, then sleeping on the couch. Again, something woke me up, but this time when I opened my eyes, the same little girl as before was walking through the living room. She was wearing the same dress, had her hair done the same way. I pulled the blanket over my head, and then I think I prayed for her to go away. Never told anyone about that either. Fast forward to 10 years later. My fiance had stayed over at my apartment one night. A cricket had made its way into the bedroom, and was chirping very loudly. He got up (in a sleepy daze) to try to find it... I hear him mutter something, then he says, "I got it.. do I kill it or put it outside?" I tell him to throw it out the front door. He comes back, gets in bed, then a minute later said, "Who was that little girl in here?" This snaps me awake, and I start to freak out a little. I had still never told anyone about the little girl I had seen. So I say, "there's no little girl, don't talk about it." And he says, "No, there was a little girl here, she showed me where the cricket was." I asked him what she looked like.. he said, "She had curly brown hair, and she was wearing a frilly white dress." So at this point I really start freaking out, and tell him about seeing her twice previously. The next day, we go to my mom's house, and he makes me tell her everything. My grandmother is there also, and as I'm telling the story and describing the little girl, both my mom and my grandmother get this look on their face.. weird look. I finish telling the story, say something casual like, "Yeh, weird huh?" to maybe get us on a different topic. But then my mom walks into her bedroom, and comes back out a minute later with an old photograph. There, in the picture, was a little girl, with tightly curled brown hair, and a frilly little white dress. It was my great-grandmother. She had died when I was 4, but we were so very close. I had never seen this photograph before, and my fiance (now husband) had DEFINITELY never seen it. So we all sat and cried for a while, talking about how maybe she was watching over me.


you know i have seen breezer in our back yard, right? don't put me in the drawing, though. just call next time the ghost visits or syndey starts acting up around flies. ;)


My mom tells this story, but I was a baby so....She would come downstairs to rock me at night and feed me and when she would come down the rocking chair would be rocking by itself. It freaked her out and her solution was to just sit in the chair so she wouldn't have to see it rocking by itself! Well one night she did this and all the doors in the house flew open (they had been locked), wind gushed through the house, and they all slammed closed. My parents moved out of the house that week and never returned:) spooky.


Humm, a ghost story. Well I can't say I've ever had a ghost (that I know of!) but when I was little I believed a ghost lived in the stone stairwell at the park. And in my attic. And the basement. And next to the shed. Maybe they really do live there...


I don't know if this is a story about a ghost or a story about a badly hung picture.
When I was a kid my parents had a copy of a painting of Queen Victoria over their couch.
The story goes that my folks were watching a documentary about Victoria and Albert and at one point my father said something, um, distasteful about the queen. No sooner had the words left his mouth when the painting jumped off the wall and crashed over his head!
My mum took the painting in the divorce and always speaks fondly of HRH Victoria!


I am sorry, but I am just rolling on the floor! It probably was really scarcy, but a cop asks you if you believe in the paranormal? Oky doky! I wonder if he believes in the paranormal. I would be more concerned about what caused the crashing noise...if that happened in my house I would freak out and the Babe would have to deal with it. That is a man job! And, I am not a man :)

elizabeth of course

I grew up in a haunted house. We had happenings for years. Things flying off the counter, dishes rattling, a lot of footsteps.
My mom's favourite to tell is one morning, Dad hadn't left for work and was sitting at the table with his coffe when footsteps came stomping across the flooor from the bedroom, through the dining room and out the kitchen door. The dog at this feet stood up and hightailed it out and never came back in for as long as they owned him. When my dad said something, my mom told him that it happened everyday at thtat time. He was just usually gone by then.
Dad;s favourite to tell is that, for three nights in a row, late, he heard steps come form the kichen door across the floor to their bedroom door. He told my mom (who was pregnant with me at the time)that if it happened once more, he'd be going straight out that window right there. Maybe she'd follow.
When my parents put the second floor on the house, most everything stopped. We all had rooms up there, and while going up one night, thre kids and mum in the lead, Dad carrying one up last, he heard steps follow him up right behind him, right to the top. When he turned, he was sure he'd see something, but no. And the house has been mostly quiet since.
I could write these all day. A statue in our house always rotates out of place and has to be corrected. no one ever sees it move. When my father built the hearth for the woodstove, he took a photo of his work, when it was developed, there was a man standing warming himself there.

And once while helping a friend clean out her late grandmother's home, I was sweeping upstairs, I could hear whisperings and feel so much, I guess, energy I had to go back downstairs without finishing, it was so unnerving.

Good luck with your haunt.

Paper Dolls for Boys

Yikes, that sounds really scary. Do you think the police officer was messy with your head?

Your post reminds me of my call the police story, sooo embarrassing.

I have a ghost story and I just typed it out but I seriously got too goose bumpy so I deleted it. Maybe it's better left untold.

Now I need 5 hours of t.v. to sooth my brain.

Paper Dolls for Boys

Make that 6 hours of television, I just read everyone's ghost stories.


My husband and I both had visitors in our previous home, each of us were awakened from sleep to see someone standing in our room. For me it was a very, very large man, without a shirt on, standing in the doorway. I was soo frightened that I could not move. I just laid there for hours trying not to move even though my heart was about to jump out of my chest. My husband's visitor was an elderly woman standing next to the bed looking over us. That was it for that house, other than our dog leaping off of her bed and running down the stairs in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.

I totally and completely believe in ghosts, but I think if they were really trying to harm us they would just go ahead and do it. They were probably just ready to let you know they were there. Maybe they feel bad for putting you through such an ordeal, or maybe they are laughing at you ;)


First of all, your giveaway package is on its way to you!

Secondly, my ghost story is actually my 3 year-old's story, but they do say ghosts appear a lot to kids:
I woke at 5:17 to the sound of India screaming "Mama, Mama!", and when I got to her she was standing at the end of Beatrix's bed.

I took her back to our bed and asked her what her dream was about, and she said in a deep voice, "There were mean peoples in our house. There was a mean woman and a little girl behind a book. The peoples were talking to theyselves. They were chasing me in my bed and shaking my bed."


Also, my grandmother was driving on local roads a few years ago, and was sideswiped by a truck. She was fine, her car was totalled. Right before the accident, she saw three people standing on the sidewalk and they told her to swerve and slow down, which she did, probably saving her life. There were many witnesses to the accident, but nobody saw the three people that my grandmother said talked to her.


I have goosebumps from reading all the spooky stories!

I used to think ghost stories were rubish and all made up but now I belive that they are real. 13 years ago we moved into an older home in Colorado Springs, CO. My daughter had just been born and I was up at odd hours feeding and know, Mama stuff, and I would hear sounds in the walls. My Gramma said mabye it was mice so we put out traps but never caught any. Fast foward 2 years and I was washing dishes one evening and I heard my Mom call my name through the window behind me. I looked out the window but she wasn't there so I went back to washing dishes. Again, she called me and I yelled out the window to her but she wasn't there. I was getting kinda cranky by then. I didn't see her and she wasn't in the house so I went back to washing dishes. Then I hear her call me again only this time she was right behind me....only she wasn't. Nobody was. I was very scared and left the house for a bit.

So that was the start of the ghostly happenings that occoured over the past 13 years. I really belive that a ghost or something has followed us from house to house as we moved to Germany and some serously odd things happened to me there. Chairs moving, more name calling, closet doors opening, curtains blowing with closed windows, etc. My husband has heard it as has my daughter. I don't think it is always around because periods of time go by with no happinings and then they will start up again for a bit. I have never felt that it was bad or trying to hurt us. When it does somethings that really creeps me I say stop because I am scared, and it stops. I know it sounds crazy but it has happened. So yes. I belive in paranormal.


A few years after my Grandmother died, I was a young newlywed. My husband worked into the later evening hours. One evening, I was watching TV and studying for finals, I saw my Grandma walking down our hall. I followed her and swore I heard her say, "I love you." I knew I'd gone insane. A few days later my husband quietly asked me if I'd been seeing an old lady walking around our house. I had to say yes! I was actually glad he was seeing it as well. We've also had two of our pets come back to "visit" us, one that our daughter, who was 4, told us about.

Nhi Torres

When I was young, we lived in a house that we believed was haunted by the person who built the home. The house itself always had an eerie feeling especially in the basement and one of the bedrooms. We were told that the house was built by a nun back in the days. She became pregnant and left the house and city because she was embarassed. At night when I was sleeping, I would hear a women humming and rocking but all the doors and windows were shut so there was no outside noise. When my siblings were older and we were no longer living there, we would talk about that house and found out that each of us experienced things.
My brother who was at that time in 3rd grade saw shapes of light and was always afraid to go into a certain bedroom in that house because he felt something was trying to get him.


I am spooked officially. thanks alot ;]

elizabeth of course

Okay, I really need to stop coming back to read these! I'm going to watch Curious George with the kids now.......


I recently had an assignment for a photography clas that I am taking that required six finished shots of a "place". Well I am new to the area and decided that a cool looking abandoned house out in the cornfields would be just the place for me. When I got there I started shooting and had a creepyness come over me that I have never felt- I decided that there was something up with this place. I went home and plugged my sd card into the card reader and immediatly the power went out in my house, weird. I took the card to the photo lab at school, and plugged the card in there- yep the power went out for just a second (a second long enough to piss off every non mid-30's mom going back to college student in my class- sorry! ) and then my images were able to load. I got some amazing shots of the house, but when I presented to the class every single person in there was freaked out. Turns out it is a well known "haunted house" but I had no clue since Haunted houses are not listed in the welcome to the neighborhood guide! The kicker is that one of the students looked up close at my landscape shot, and noticed that there is a ghost in the window! Now I can't be 100% sure, but it sure looks like one. You can see it on my blog if you'd like...


A couple of things happened in a house I lived in with my family while in high school. The first was in my room. I was in bed, fast asleep, when suddenly I woke up, rolled over, and there was a woman standing about 3 feet from the foot of my bed! She was wearing a long skirt, long-sleeved blouse and her hair in a bun(like Ma Ingalls.) She was just standing there looking at me. She didn't move or gesture. I looked at her for about a minute and then rolled over and went back to sleep. I had no fear of her at all. I felt calm the entire time I was looking at her. It was quite strange! The other thing that happened in the same house was on a very hot summer day. I was sitting in the living room next to an open window. My mom was sitting across the room on the couch. We had no air conditioning in the house. It was in the 90s that day. All of a sudden I was surrounded by freezing cold air! Like ice-cold air from the freezer. I asked my mom if she felt anything, she said no. I told her someone was there with us. The cold air lingered for a few more moments and then passed. Very strange! I just remembered another incident... I was living in an apartment and I had some shell beads hanging in the hallway. Well, sometimes they would suddenly move as if someone had walked through them. I would be no where near them and they would start moving and scare the heck out of me! The tv would turn off and on, as well. I later found out that someone had died in the apartment next to mine! Sometimes these stories can really creep you out! Glad no one was in your house... at least not a burglar anyway!


My Mother seems to 'attract' these sorts of occurances. Here are a few of them:

- She woke one night to see her Father standing at the end of her bed (he'd been dead for several years).
- She saw the image of a friend behind her as she was looking in a mirror (also dead).
- My Mum, Dad and Grandma used to see a little child playing peek-a-boo around the side of our sofa.
- My brother woke up and saw a large man with curly hair and a scary face standing next to his bed.
- We went on holiday and stayed in a 300 year old fisherman's cottage. At the end of the holiday I mentioned that I was glad we were leaving as the place gave me the creeps. Mum then said that when we first went in to the cottage her hair had stood on end and throughout our stay her nightclothes had been moved from the bed to the chair to the dresser and even the floor.
- When I was about 5 we went to a jumble sale (a sale of donated goods to raise funds for the local school/church etc) and I came home with a toy stuffed dog. Mum said that when I was at school she would put the dog in the toybox and next thing she knew it would be on the sofa or even upstairs on my bed. She didn't like this so she put it in the trash. Well, it reappeared in the house again. So this time she put it on the fire and burned it!

- And lastly, Mum and Dad went to France to visit the grave of her Gt Uncle who was killed in WW1. The cemetary was surrounded by trees. When they got the photos back it looked as if there were lots of people standing in the trees watching them. That really freaked me out.

We have also had the TV turning itself on and the VCR popping out the tape.

My first house was built in 1899 and there was a long corridor leading to a small bedroom. You had to open the door towards you and then reach into this small, dark room to hit the light switch. It scared the pants off me for some reason. When my Mum first visited I made her sit in there for about 30 minutes so she could see if she felt any bad vibes. All was well, thankfully.

The story of the little girl in the white dress made my hair stand on end!


holy crap! you didn't tell me this! eek! i dont have any really ghost stories ... but every now and then i get one of those peripheral-vision glimpses of a ghostly small child in the house wearing a long white gown. just flittering about. i think henry has seen it too - only he wont tell me & i wont tell him cause i don't want to freak him out. so i just say "its nothing - its your eyes playing tricks on you".


as a former officer, I find this a great story, especially that they asked about paranormal behavior.

my ghost story occured when I was in high school. My grandmother had passed away when I was in 5th grade & I always felt her presence, but one morning I got up early before anyone else in my house to take a shower. When I walked through the living room to get to the bathroom, I swear that I felt her, I felt as though I walked through her & could even feel/see a faint white cloud of spirit. It was a bit odd, but in a special soft & warm way, not a spooky way. I love ghosts!


Holy Crap! These stories are kind of freaking me out. I don't have a ghost story. I always wanted to have a ghostly experience, but it has yet to happen. I used to work in an antebellum mansion years ago as a tour guide. When I was opening and closing the house I was always on the lookout for weird things, but nothing ever happened. I guess the owner of the house was creepy enough (she was really, really weird).

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