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August 26, 2008


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ooh - sign me up for your contest! can't wait to see what it is :)

and let me just say, i envy your craft swap.


I'm guessing a skirt? I'd love to see all the stuff you give and get - that's a great idea!


i so know!
and i can't wait! see you in a couple of hours.


Woo-hoo! I love giveaways! Please enter me, and I'll be sure to check back tomorrow to see the goodies...


Count me in! Aren't giveaways the best.... It is our swapping day on Thursday, I can't wait. For the September swap we are going to have a mini-market day and bring along any extras we have made and do a giant swap. It is my dream to run a craft show where no money is exchanged at all- just bartering of the goods we have produced. Hey, it's good to have a dream, right?


How fun! Your first give-away! I hope your swap goes well and I wish I lived close enough to join in!


I do so love a good surprise! Count me in - please.


Wow! You get to bring home 8 crafted goodies, what a fantastic idea! I would love to receive your extra handmade item too and am awaiting the reveal tomorrow. Happy swapping!


count me in! can't wait to see what you've made!


ooo, pick me! ;) can't wait to see the goods (even if I don't win).

Jenna Z.

Wow, I wish we had a local craft swap! That would be awesome. Thanks for putting my name in the hat!


wow! isnt creativity one of the most amazing things. Warm wishes to all who spread the creative bug. :)


a local swap sounds like fun! good for you and aren't you kind to share. an apron maybe? i don't know but can't wait to see! please count me in :)


I want to teleport myself into your next craft swap- it seems like so much fun! And now I'm going to read back posts from Angry Chicken to try and figure out what you made (and avoid studying!). Count me into your give away- I can't wait to find out what you made!


um. yeah. that "presentation"? that was sinfully good & as you saw, it put me into sugar shock. but o. my. god. it was good. am just slightly embarrassed that i scarfed the whole thing. great swap last night - love all the fun loot! it's up there on list of "best ever swaps".


I love giveaways. Count me in. I need to think of one for my blog too...I have never had one. Thank you for mentioning me in your award roll a couple of posts below. You are sweet. Hope you had a great time in Portland...I have been there and I love the place...absolutely gorgeous.


Count me in. A craft swap is an excellent idea. I will have to see if I can persuade some friends of mine to join in. What a great way to see the talent of others!


Please put me in the pool for the give-away. How creative!


I want in, please! They are adorable! ;-]


Wow, so cute. I love these but have decided that it is not in my best interest to try them on my own. Please pick me and I won't have to!!! You ladies are lucky to have each other and to all be so creative. Congrats to all of you swappers.

kristine hanson

love your blog!


love your blog and I am looking forward to the tut - but first I would love to win that dark haired pink dressed gal - what great swap gifts.


count me in! loved the swap!


Oooh count me in too...wish I had crafty friends to swap with me!

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