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1. I'm a lefty
2. I cannot STAND to have mis-matched glasses in my cupboard. And they must be straight.
3. The glasses rule does not apply to any other aspect of my life.
4. My favorite color is red, but I am VERY drawn to green.
5. I do not look good in green. But I wear it anyway because it makes me happy.
6. My middle toe really is shorter than all the others. Really.
7. I was attacked by a dog when I was 5 and had 164 stitches on my face.
8. I am not afraid of dogs. In fact, I adore dogs.
9. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie.
10. I am an avid camper/hiker.
11. Once upon a time, I was a vegan.
12. I LOVE steak.
13. I turned 40 in September.
14. Mister and I eloped and got married on a beach in Oregon.
15. My laundry room is in a perpetual state of abomination.
16. Over the summer, I found bugs living under the back seats of my car, feasting on my children's refuse.
17. I am agnostic, but spiritual.
18. I make a point to be very respectful of other's beliefs. Always. Period.
19. I absolutely love to laugh. Practice often. Repeat.
20. I am an avid gardener.
21. I am an avid cook.
22. I work my butt off attempting to raise 3 children to become loving, respectful, socially conscious adults.
23. My house is rarely clean, but my door is always open.
24. I am allergic to bell peppers, but I do not like olives, mustard, or goat cheese and avoid them at all costs.
25. I could live on desserts. Especially custards. Not chocolate though.