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June 22, 2009


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Oh yum! I'm starving now, but I don't have anything nearly that good for dinner!


i have a feeling you won't run out of milk this week. :)


Well, I took that picture on Saturday, and we're already down to the last half gallon.


This makes my CSA portion look very skimpy. But as I'm getting 1/4 of a share, since I'm only cooking for me, and your picture also includes all the other local products you've gathered, I'm going to try to feel better now about my leafy lettuce and snow peas. :-) You're an inspiration in the local foods department.


tomatoes still warm from the garden are one of the best things ever to grace this earth. Or, to put in my mouth.


Hmm, yoghurt for mayo. I'll do that. Now I just need to know how to make an Alsace tart with yoghurt and not creme fraiche. Maybe I'll just give it a go...

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