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April 21, 2009


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i'm drinking a cup right now!


lol. in Estonian, jura means crap or bull..t. and they sell those coffemakers here too. would you buy one named crappy coffemaker?


Look at that crema.... I too am an addict so when can I pop over to test out the new machine? Dude I can not wait until they invent the teleportation device used in Star Trek to beam them all up everywhere. I would be at yours in a flash. Have you seen the trailers for the new ST movie? it looks insane. Not that I am a huge sci-fi fan, more into vampires!!

Elizabeth H.

I was thinking that those looked a lot like cow udders. Then I thought to myself does that make me weird....nope Erin said they do too ;)

Meg Evans

That is a very beautiful thing!


Very impressive machine, and they absolutely look like high-tech udders!

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